Angela Paladin, Certified Ageless Grace® Educator and Trainer, Melbourne

Here’s some feed back from my lovely student Fay – today was Fay’s 76th birthday and I took these photos. She said that she refused a lunch date for her birthday with her husband because she was going to Ageless Grace class at 1.30pm.

Fay has embraced Ageless Grace with so much love, passion, and Joy. Through every class she smiles and laughs, from beginning to end. She brings so much enthusiasm and connection to the Ageless Grace class and told me yesterday that she was starting to save her pennies to come to the Ageless Grace Retreat later this year in October. That means so much to her and so much to me.

What Joy I feel to see the delight in one person’s life and to have made such a difference through a program which offers so much more that exercise.

Having had cancer, Angela has guided me to GREAT HEALTH with her ‘caring training’ of Ageless Grace…the exercises are great fun and give truly wonderful results….HIGHLY recommend ‘Ageless Grace’ to all age groups. – Fay

Have a loving day sweetheart….well you are love itself!!!See you next week..muchly love, Fay

..well my feet were made for walkin’….and that’s what I can do with the fab. Angela and ‘Ageless Grace’

.This is the story of one Senior, improving her fitness, health and wellbeing using Ageless Grace®. Sitting in a chair to exercise, enjoying the fun and Joy that Ageless Grace® brings, Fay is a great example of how we, as seniors, can enjoy our life while having fun, being creative and enjoying what life has to offer. Most weeks, Fay comes with either a poem, a song that she thinks would be great for Ageless Grace, a story, beautiful drawings on a particular topic that was mentioned in class, or from a memory that a “tool” has inspired.

One week we did ‘Singing in the Rain” and I mentioned that I couldn’t remember the Gene Kelly classic steps. The following week, Fay had beautifully written the steps on a piece of paper so we could follow it, Shown in the picture.

I love her generosity of spirit through these gifts and I have started a Fay file where I keep all her keepsakes.   It’s lovely to see what the program brings to so many different people and certainly shows how Ageless Grace® can be used as therapy. Fay brings so much joy, discussion and enthusiasm and I look forward to her very special gifts of love and inspiration.

What about you? Can you enjoy what life brings to you? Can you sit in a group of new people, share silly ideas and fun while making your body and brain work to make you feel good?

Wherever you are in Australia, there are some classes for Senior Fitness available. And if they are not in your area, why not get all the benefits of Ageless Grace® and combine them with the people in your community. You could become an Ageless Grace® educator and make a difference with this wonderful movement practice, where you live.

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  • What a lovely story. Fay sounds like a beautiful lady with a positive attitude. Now I want to go and try her moves to “Singing In The Rain”.

  • Rosemary Blundo
    October 8, 2017 8:16 pm

    A very inspiring story.
    Can’t wait to meet Fay at the retreat!

  • I admire Ageless Grace for your wonderful service. The evidence is clear, Fay is looking very happy. Every year, we celebrated our birthday and ask ourselves be old one day. No reason to be sad for it, when we are surrounded with our loves one that truly cares. That is the most amazing feeling.

    Everyday should be an exciting and interesting day for all of us. Let us treasure every seconds in our lives, I guess that’s how we look satisfied and contented in our lives.


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