Ageless Grace® Brain and Body Fitness

Are you looking for a Senior Fitness Class that’s fun, social, uses great music and stimulates both your brain and body? Well Ageless Grace® is a program that does all that and more!

I have been teaching movement, fitness and music to many age groups over the last 20 years, and Ageless Grace® is one that I believe is so simple and yet so beneficial for everybody’s wellbeing, physical and mental fitness.

The 21 ‘Tools’ of Ageless Grace® include Stretching Exercises, Balance Exercises, Mobility and Strengthening Exercises, as well as helping to address the 5 main functions of the brain: Strategic planning, Memory/recall, Analytical thinking, Creativity and Kinaesthetic learning.

The difference with Ageless Grace to most senior exercise programs is that it is fun and creative and uses music that stimulates movement, memory, and emotions.

Research shows us that the best exercise for keeping fit into our senior years must use music, stimulate thinking and creativity, and have a social aspect.

Ageless Grace® does exactly all this and it really works!

It has been said that “movement is the architect of the mind”, as children we learn through movement, we know that movement is essential for brain stimulation and neural connections to be built, and so it is essential that we maintain movement variety as we age to continue to support our brain and body health.

Chair exercises for seniors are typically repetitive and focus on physical movements only.   Ageless Grace® works with organic movement that we use in everyday life and through imagery, invites the participants into a world where they forget that they’re exercising, and instead, are imagining, re-enacting, and moving in so many different ways using all muscle groups, both big and small (and there’s lots of laughing too!!)

Ageless Grace® also uses games with movement to challenge and extend our brain growth and health, through patterns and processes that we don’t normally use in everyday life, like spelling words in the air with different body parts in different ways. Ageless Grace® also assists participants with relaxation and breathing through slow movements and meditative music that heals and calms the nervous system.

Chair exercises for seniors takes on a whole new meaning when you incorporate the Ageless Grace® program. It is designed to stimulate your brain through moving in ways that you would normally do standing up. This builds new neural pathways and supports brain development. It also builds core strength and makes exercising accessible for everybody in the safety of a chair.

It is widely accepted that regular exercise improves heart function, symptoms of depression, strengthens vital organs, reduces risk of type 2 diabetes, improves immunity, lowers blood pressure to name a few. Ageless Grace also incorporates latest in neuroplasticity research that keeps our brains ticking and bodies thriving as we age and guaranteed you will feel better for it!

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