What sort of joint are you going for?

It didn’t seem to matter for *Humphrey Bogart when he starred in Casablanca in 1943 what sort of joint it was, though it could look pretty flashy in some of the scenes. His ‘gin joint’ is not quite what I have in mind when I do Ageless Grace®, but it could provide inspiration for ideas and music. (Just in case you can’t resist, you can see a scene when you click on the link – Casablanca – of all the gin joints ….

It doesn’t matter where I am, whatever “joint” I am staying in, I always aim to do some form of exercise or movement. I also do a lot of sitting, as I work on developing Ageless Grace® and the other aspects of my work. Yesterday was a day when I was glad that I had an Ageless Grace® class. All sorts of things had gone wrong. A parcel had not turned up where it should have and that involved lots of emails, text messages, reporting etc. Sadly it is still unresolved. Then the weather was pretty awful in this part of the world – very wet for the start of the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. Still, I went along to my class at the “library joint”, started the music and my mood lifted within a minute or two! Smiling faces, different interpretations of ideas cheered me up as well as everyone else in the class. It made the rest of my day much more pleasan

Back in October we had our 3rd Ageless Grace retreat. It was time to share lots of ideas, news and updates about how we run our classes. There was good food, great company, lots of laughter and time to relax as well.That was a pretty great joint, too! If you are interested, you can see the video we produced here. We spent time and fun exploring different ways to use the Ageless Grace® tools with different music. Often we don’t get a chance to share our ideas, so it was exciting to share other people’s way of doing things and their ideas.

I’m going to be sharing these with you over the coming year. I’ll add some music links via Spotify that you can use, so stand by for a fortnightly look at the tools, starting with Juicy Joints.

Please join in and add to our collection! Add your own ideas for moves and songs in the comments. Let’s make our own Ageless Grace online toolset.

Juicy Joints

Move a range of joints one after another … listening to Bird Dog (Everly Brothers). Moving all the joints can give you a good cardio wortkout. Ask participants to focus their attention on all those body parts (ie joints) to challenge their attention (Angelina)

Sometimes use a figure of eight shape or an infinity sign to move a joint. Make an infinity shape with your shoulder blades and see which joints move. Make an outline of an ‘8’ with your knees – one at a time – and see what parts of your body join in (Sue)

Think of a movie you’ve enjoyed. Does it have a theme song (like Casablanca)? Are there scenes that have them juicing up their joints or make you want to move your joints. Go through your favourites and have fun.

And if you can’t think of anything imaginative, just go from joint to joint and

Here’s 30 seconds to watch: Move your joints with Virginia

Or watch Anita moving her joints out in the open at the National Park.

Song ideas from Spotify

When you click on a link you will be asked to login to your Spotify account if you have one. If you don’t, you can sign up then – you do not have to pay. Just click twice on the back arrow to come back to the blog. Once you have an account you can download the songs you like. Easy!

Some of the songs are at a slow tempo – some are more faster for a more energetic workout.

As Time Goes By by Jimmy Durante

Bird Dog by Everly Brothers

Apache by The Shadows

Dream a Little Dream of Me by the Mammas and Pappas

Happy Days from TV Themes

Piano Man by Glee Cast

May you not only get the benefits of Juicy Joints but share how you do it with us.



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  • Vicki Doolan
    April 10, 2018 1:55 pm

    One of my favourite Juicy Joints songs is Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe. I have a playlist on Spotify called 01 – Juicy Joints if anyone would like to see some more song choices. I will be adding yours too Sue.

  • I so enjoy ‘juicy joints’. It is a great way to warm up my body to get it ready to move through the day. Ageless Grace also includes the pleasure of moving to all types of great music which gives my spirit a lift. So grateful for Ageless Grace to keep my body humming along nicely & only 10 min’s most days. :))))

  • Staying Alive by The Bee Gees is wonderful for juicy joints


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