As a nutritionist I am fully supportive of the latest scientific evidence that highlights the important link between having a healthy gut and a well-functioning brain.

To ensure your gut and brain are communicating to their highest levels wholesome and healthy foods are needed such as whole fresh fruit including berries, apples, pineapple; green, leafy vegetables; plant-based oils such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin avocado oil and extra virgin coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds including almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts; fatty oily fish such as salmon and sardines. Remember to include daily, a healthy dose of sunshine, a good nights’ sleep and 10 minutes of Ageless Grace®.

However, during this month of February, the month of “love and romance” I would like to highlight another important organ of the body which I think is the most critical to nourish in order to truly to lead a healthy and abundant life. That is your heart.

For me the heart governs all emotions. Did you know that the heart has an intricate and complex set of neurons just as your brain has! Your heart pumps blood to supply nutrients and oxygen to your entire body – and each beat occurs within an emotional energy field. Your heart is sending emotionally charged energy around your body. Have you heard of the saying “he/she died of a broken heart”? The heart feels and has emotions and therefore I say nourish your heart, think of your heart daily and the amazing work it does keeping you alive, ask your heart to send joy and love to your entire body as it pumps your blood around.

Feed your heart nourishing foods – think whole foods in the colour of the rainbow – green, red, yellow and orange coloured fruits and vegetables; healthy fats as stated above and if desired, nibbling on the occasional organic dark chocolate or sipping on a sweetened raw cacao hot chocolate is what I call extra heart smart.

But the most important ingredient for a healthy heart is, to cherish your own heart!

Adele Hamilton
Adv Dip Homeopathy, BHSc Nutritional Medicine
Anima Balance


Adele is a qualified Nutritionist, Homeopath, Movement Therapist and AGEucate Coach trainer. Her mission via her business Anima Balance is to promote education and awareness to the greater community on health and wellbeing. With her father suffering from Dementia, Adele also has a special interest in helping Dementia patients, their carers and professional staff through her many health modalities.

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  • Hi Adele.
    Tom here from – Soul Touching Sound.
    We met at Brisbane Small Business Expo on 18 April 2019. I’m just looking at your website, both here and at Anima balance, and it looks very interesting. I’d be happy to talk with you about possibly doing an event together in the future.
    I’m also using this Covid period to update my database. At the Small Business Expo you subscribed, using

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    Thanks very much for your time.
    Tom from

    • Hi Tom, I have forwarded your comment to Adele. She may not be able to reply immediately due to family reasons, but I am sure she will reply as soon as she can.
      Best wishes
      Sue Silcox


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