I love my memory, so I’m saving my treasured memories now to share later. Here’s how I’m doing it.

How is your memory? Mine certainly isn’t as sharp as it used to be in that I can’t always find that word or remember where I left my glasses, but I still love and appreciate my memory for the amazing things it can do.

I like to listen to songs that I listened to as a child or young person. For example, at school in Wales we sang two hymns each day at assembly and on the rare occasions I hear one of them – last time was at a Royal wedding,- not only can I sing many of the words still, I can see myself back in the school hall, wearing the school uniform and standing with friends.

Reminiscences, such as these, bring a lot of joy and can help us tell stories that we would often not have the time or the words to share, especially if our present world is making less sense.

As I am getting older, I am taking photographs of the precious memories I have scattered around me in my house: the big bowl that was a wedding present that’s been part of my life for all the years of my marriage; then there’s the little gifts that bring back memories of places I’ve visited or family members. All those memories!

Now that my parents are no longer with me, I have lots of questions I wish I had asked them, so I’m making my own life storybook that my family will be able to share with me as I get older but will also give them memories that they can pass on.

Why not think about doing it for yourself and your loved ones? Love your memories!

Sue Silcox

Sue Silcox brings sparks of life every day to the aged and those with disabilities with her programs from BrainSparks. You can contact her on sue@brainsparks.com.au to learn more about them.

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