Denise Medved tells us how the 21 tools of Ageless Grace® help improve balance with the risk of falls.

Neuroscientists tell us that the primary purpose of the brain is to control body movement and that neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain and central nervous system to change form and function, regardless of age.

We are told that the best way to exercise the brain is specifically through movement and exercise of the body. Our brain stays healthy best by activating all five primary functions daily – strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination and kinesthetic learning (SMACK) in order to fire neurons (brain cells) and create new neural pathways.

But that’s not all! The brain must practice the three R’s to improve balance and avoid falls:  How to Respond, React and Recover. We need to practice all three balance points of the body:

Center of the ball of the foot (balance point of the feet)

We need  to have flexibility in the toes and ankles for good balance, stimulating all 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones and 32 muscles in EACH foot daily.

Imagine walking on sand, or sawdust. Imagine not wanting to get your heels wet!

Center of gravity of the body

Your centre of gravity is about 2 fingers below the navel, not outside but inside the middle of the body. Arms, legs, head, shoulders, hips must practice organizing themselves around the center point of gravity – by “floating” or shifting in a chair up-down, back-front, titling sideways, both feet off the floor, both arms in air, head moving.

The Ear

There are three canals in the ear containing fluid with minute particles of bone called crystals – the fluid moves, the crystals move the fluid more quickly, like ballast, to create balance no matter which way the head is tilting. When you don’t move your head much the fluid thickens, as can certain medications.

So move the head as much as you can – yes, no, tilting side to side, with the enthusiasm of a child.

Optimise your brain function:

WATER (carry a water bottle with you everywhere, drink as many ounces of water daily as pounds you weigh – 60 kg means drink 2 litres).  Flavour the water if you prefer with fruit in a bottle or with a fruit infuser.  Don’t worry about going to the bathroom frequently – it rids your system of toxins – it’s healthy!

OXYGEN – brain cells (and all the cells of the body) LIVE on oxygen – focus on your EXHALE – not the inhale, so you are emptying the lungs to make room for fresh new oxygen to fill them up automatically when you stop exhaling. Sing, hum, whistle (humming and whistling easy to do anywhere without intruding, even while driving), say tongue twisters out loud, read out loud, count or say your ABCs out loud.

SLEEP – create a ritual each evening about 1 hour before you want to go to sleep to alert the brain to slow down and prepare for bed. Make hot tea, sip it slowly. Cut off the TV to avoid stimulation.  Lower the lights and sit quietly or listen to calming music.  Don’t read exciting material – read peaceful calming poetry or something from the Psalms.  Massage your feet with natural lotion (no dyes or alcohols) or shea butter…good for circulation and muscle flexibility and calming to the nervous system.

MOVE – EXERCISE DAILY 10-15 minutes seated, spell with your body parts to music! Dance in your chair!

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