Activate Your Brain

Has anyone said to you recently, “Practice makes perfect”? That’s what I heard all the time when I was growing up. Need to be able to write fluently? Well, that’s why we had homework. Wanting to go on holiday to France or Spain and need to learn the language? Well, you need to practice. Professional ballet dancers, professional golf players, professional soccer players all put in hours and hours and hours of practice. Sure, their body needs to be able to make the moves effortlessly and without thought, but there is more to it than that.

Any time you learn a new skill that you want to master, you need to practice. And the answer lies with your brain.

When we learn anything new we change our brain – it’s what neuroplasticity is all about. It happens easily in childhood, but it never stops, even as we grow old. If it did, we would do the same things time and time and time again, without learning anything new.


Ageless Grace® is a fun, simple way to exercise – seated, standing or even lying down based on the science of neuroplasticity to work all parts of the body and brain.

Experience first hand a rejuvenated sense of life through your local Ageless Grace community.

Activate Your Brain
Using all five areas of the brain, our program improves your mental & physical health
Revive Your Body
Moving to music, we address the ageing factors to regenerate your functionality
Improve Your Balance
Exercising seated, we work the entire core of your body and vestibular system

When we first learn a new skill it is unlikely to be easy. Did any infant you know ever get up off the floor and immediately start to walk? It’s unlikely, though nobody has probably counted how many times that toddler tried to get up and fell back onto the floor. But by constantly trying, eventually they made it. At first they would have been wobbly, but then they would have got better; stayed standing for longer; taken first tentative steps until they could walk and run.

Whatever we learn, at any stage in our lives, it becomes easier, appears smoother and effortless once we practice. In our brain this has the effect of strengthening and speeding up the electrical signals of our neurons.

So how do you activate your brain? Lean a new skill and then practice it. Get out of your comfort zone! Do something that you’ve never done before and practice, practice practice. Or take something that you used to know or do and get back onto it. If you knew how to do it once, you will be surprised how quickly you can achieve, and even surpass, what you used to do.

In our Ageless Grace® classes we use skills we used to have (or never had) and bring them back into our lives for a few short minutes. We let our body bring back the sensations of achieving those skills and activate our brain at the same time. What could be easier, or more fun as we practice what we once did?

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