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About Us


Where It Began

In 2013 I studied to be a Natural Juice Therapist. I loved the concept of flooding my body with the nutrients found in fresh fruit & vegetable juices to help me maintain energy and good health.


This led me to working one on one with clients to support their own personal journeys, speaking at support groups, and holding workshops on a variety of topics such as:

- An Introduction to Juicing (the colours of the rainbow)

- Juicing for pregnancy & toddlers

- Juicing to support the immune system during ill health & complimentary to some medical treatments

- Juices & Smoothies - the importance of each & how to incorporate both into your life

- Juicing with children (imagine having to say "no more veggies, you've had enough")

- Juicing to support cancer and cancer treatments

- Juicing to prevent dis-ease

Then I combined juicing with my love of Essential Oils, especially the culinary oils and a new relationship was formed.


The Universe Had Other Plans

My first venture into the ageing sector started with my discovery of the Ageless Grace® Brain Health Exercise Program. Being asked to run this program in secure dementia units with people who are in the late stages of dementia opened up a whole new world for me. The Dementia Live®, Compassionate Touch® & Flashback™ programs were the perfect addition and becoming a trainer in all of these programs meant that I could help change the face of ageing.

Ageless Grace is an incredible, fun program with huge benefits. But working with people living with dementia and/or cognitive decline and seeing how it can be difficult to understand and manage their changing emotions and personality, seeing carers struggling to know best methods of dealing with negative behavioural expressions, and ultimately ending up burnt out and feeling like they can no longer cope, resulted in my becoming a trainer in Dementia Support Programs.


In 2019 I became a trainer in Older Person's Mental Health First Aid and the final addition to my qualifications was to become a Dementia Communication trainer.

Over the past 5 years I have implemented these programs in dementia units and aged care settings and facilitated training sessions for people working or living with these important members of our community.


For the final part of this journey I have devised a workshop for carers called Release and Relax. Getting time out, de-stressing and letting go are important factors in the prevention of caregiver burnout.

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