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Ageless Grace® Brain Health Seated Exercise – fun, laughter, music but most of all, movement of the body and brain that slows cognitive decline, aids balance and consists of 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease. A fantastic preventative approach but also a great support program for any stage of ageing and dementia.


Dementia Live®- get a greater understanding of what it might feel like to live with dementia by stepping into their shoes. This is the ‘aha’ experience that will create an awareness that will help you provide support to your residents or loved ones to help them live their best possible life no matter where they are at right now.


Compassionate Touch® - another support program that comprises simple yet effective touch techniques to calm agitation that comes with the frustration of ageing and dementia and also end-of-life care but also provides the carer with a sense of worth and calmness.


Flashback™ - who doesn’t love to talk about the good old days. Flashback helps gets the conversation going.


Older Persons Mental Health First Aid – mental health is a big concern for every age group of our society but sometimes it’s easy to overlook depression and anxiety in our seniors. As an Older Persons Mental Health First Aid Instructor for MHFA Australia I can train individuals or staff in how to recognise the signs and support the older person while professional support is being arranged.


As a trainer I can put the power in your hands. Train with me and you can share these programs with residents, staff and loved ones and be a contributor to help change the face of ageing.



Juicing is a powerful prevention tool for healthy ageing. We are constantly replacing old cells with new ones, so feeding our bodies with nutrient dense juices creates new cells that can be better than the old ones.

I LOVE juicing. It keeps me feeling energetic and well. Studying Juice Therapy changed my health and now I want to help you on the road to improving yours.

I hold workshops, share recipes and information via social media, and consult one on one.



There are many facets to healthy ageing. Of course juicing is one and then there is good sleep, good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and stress management. But have you considered Essential Oils as another way to support ageing. Two thousand years ago essential oils were commonly used and now we are seeing a resurgence of these powerful plant extracts.

They offer amazing emotional & spiritual support and when distilled correctly, some oils can be used to make culinary delights. 

Due to their Seed to Seal Quality Guarantee I personally use and advocate the use of Young Living Essential Oils. They have such a huge range of products and there is so much information to share that I have dedicated a whole website just for these. Selecting the Essential Oils tab will explain all about Essential Oils and by clicking the link you can head to my website with over 600 products to choose from and an option to establish your very own wholesale account – why pay full price?

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