Learn to Teach Ageless Grace®

Ageless Grace® is a fun, joyful brain and body practice that is growing fast all over the world. New people are gaining their certification as an Ageless Grace® Educator every week, not just in Australia.

We get fabulous reviews from our students about how they love the classes and how much better they feel at the end of them. Our Educators are passionate about their classes and their students.

We have many people qualified as educators. Some may already be therapists of some type, such as movement, creative arts, physiotherapists. Many teachers are learning how good Ageless Grace® is to use in their classes. People from all sorts of life want to add Ageless Grace® to their lives so that they can share it with others, not only in Aged Care, but in Corporations or with people with special needs or with children.

There are opportunities all over Australia (and New Zealand) for you to become an Educator. The training lasts only a weekend and is full of information and fun. We all bring our background and experiences to the training, so we learn from each other. If you are a teacher, you can attend a 6-hour training that allows you to use the 21 tools in your classroom.

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You can become an Educator in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, or in another part of Australia by arrangement.


Ageless Grace® is a fun, simple way to exercise – seated, standing or even lying down based on the science of neuroplasticity to work all parts of the body and brain.

Enquire about becoming an educator.

Experience first hand a rejuvenated sense of life through your local Ageless Grace community.

Activate Your Brain
Using all five areas of the brain, our program improves your mental & physical health
Revive Your Body
Moving to music, we address the ageing factors to regenerate your functionality
Improve Your Balance
Exercising seated, we work the entire core of your body and vestibular system
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