Adele Hamilton

Ageless Grace Educator

Hi my name is Adele Hamilton and I am a Certified Ageless Grace Instructor.

Ageless Grace is a special movement practice designed to prevent cognitive decline by focusing on brain and body health.  Ageless Grace uses 21 simple tools to promote, restore and develop the neural pathways of the brain. Ageless Grace will enhance your body’s ability to function more efficiently by strengthening joints and muscles to improve co-ordination, flexibility and agility. It is a seated exercise using organic movement to a wide variety of music, conditioning the whole body, including your brain.

Ageless Grace classes are fun and very easy for people of any background or physical ability to participate in especially those of us over 50 years of age. The social aspect of attending an Ageless Grace class is another positive reason for coming to classes as they have a great community vibe about them.

I discovered Ageless Grace via Sue Silcox and I immediately sensed how important this form of movement could be for the ageing body and for those with physical impairment. I also realised that I wanted to teach and promote such an interactive and playful form of exercise.   

I have a background in Nutrition and Homeopathy and am also a certified Nia Technique instructor. I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing. Movement and exercise are critically important for the health of our brains as well as our bodies, both inside and out. I would love to share my classes with you so please contact me to find out about classes I am conducting on the north side of Brisbane including Alderley, Ashgrove, Paddington and Newmarket.

Every class experience is unique and I know you will leave feeling happy.


See calendar for dates and address

 Day  Place  Time  Cost
The Soul Pantry
10.00 am $5
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