Angelina Armato

Ageless Grace Educator

My name is Angelina Armato and I am passionate about working with Senior’s to improve their overall Health and Well-being thus enhancing their enjoyment of life. I am currently establishing myself within the Bendigo and surrounding region to bring the Ageless Grace program to as many seniors as possible!

I am most excited about bringing the Ageless Grace program not only into the “Community” for many seniors wishing to maintain and improve their physical and cognitive health but also into the “Homes” of many seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

I encourage all participants to make their own contribution during the program session, utilising their strengths, leading to increased motivation and improved self-esteem.

My aim is to make a difference within the community by enabling people to learn skills that can be applied within the context of their everyday life therefore, I facilitate just two sessions at a time to achieve this outcome. I feel that it is important to support people to self-manage themselves and by providing support and encouragement to implement small changes at a time which are relevant, achievable and sustainable improves independence. I also understand that seniors do not wish to be committed for long periods at a time, nor do they wish to pay a lot of money and they ideally don’t like to travel a long distance to attend their preferred program. Seniors do like to participate in programs that are fun, social and engaging and will meet their individual needs within the scope of their current budget.

My professional credentials include a Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Studies and I have over 18 years working within the Aged and Disability sector.

What you will experience in a typical Ageless Grace session/ program with me:

You will be greeted in a friendly manner and introduced to other participants especially if you are new to the Ageless Grace program. I understand that meeting new people and building friendships are important therefore, I ensure adequate time has been factored into the program to enhance social interaction.

Before I commence the program, I will inform the group about the movements, the benefits and briefly demonstrate so that you can feel prepared for what we will be doing at each stage throughout the program.

I will activate your Brain in such a cleaver way that you won’t have a moment to be bored!

I will activate your sense of humor and I have no doubt that I will have you laughing, reminiscing and having the best fun at what “maybe” called as an exercise program!

I am confident that after your very first Ageless Grace session with me, you will be feeling more positive about ageing and your ability to maintain your current Health and Well-being and restore many valued skills and abilities that will enhance your enjoyment of life.

How do I know if the Ageless Grace program right for me?

Do you like having fun?

Do you miss hearing the music from your era?

Do you want or need to exercise but don’t want to feel like you’re attending a a typical exercise program?

Do you want to maintain your independence and maximise your Quality of life as you age?

Are you concerned about your Brain and curious to know how the Neuroplasticity concept can work for you?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions then the Ageless Grace program will most likely meet your needs and bring you great enjoyment!  And you’re always welcome to bring a friend for a FREE session – I always appreciate and reward those who spread the word about the Ageless Grace program.

Services offered:

I believe in the power of Neuroplasticity and have witnessed many times over that those who move regularly do better physically and cognitively – Move and move some more!

Ageless Grace – Group sessions: The Ageless Grace program is offered on a regular basis (minimum participant numbers apply) throughout Bendigo and surrounding region based on demand. You will find this program highly affordable and which does not require a whole term commitment!

The program has been adapted so that you will learn skills and have the resources available so that you can transfer your newly learned skills within the context of your everyday life, however you are always welcome to attend more often if you so desire.

Ageless Grace – In the home program: Is adapted to meet the needs of individuals who have a reduced physical and cognitive capacity due to a sedentary lifestyle which can be the result of living with a chronic health condition and for those who have an early diagnosis of Dementia, in particular Alzheimer’s disease. The Carer is encouraged to be an active supporter who will instigate the daily practice of the program for their loved one within the comfort of their own home. This special program is personalised and is based on a three session sign-up program at an affordable price.This package also includes a quality resource for self-directed learning, plus a follow up phone call within two weeks of the program completion to ensure support and reassurance. You will also be invited to participate in a Free group session within the community to ascertain suitability and to maintain community interaction and inclusion.


My core belief, values, aspirations and lifestyle:

Yes……I do want to make a difference in the world and I believe that we have all been given skills through life experiences which have shaped and guided us to use those talents that are unique and of benefit to others.

I aspire to inspire people to be their best, to at least have a go regardless of age, perceived barriers, limitations and negative life experiences that have presented themselves during ones journey. I believe that the past does not equal the future and we all have more control over our lives than we are consciously aware of therefore “Live your best life” regardless of what has been said or what has happened etc, etc…. The time will pass for all of us. We will all have memories to comfort us in the end….choose to live a fulfilled life that makes you happy rather than the regret of living an unfulfilled life.

It delights me to acknowledge that I am creating a life that I love through bringing the Ageless Grace program into the Home and Community which positively enhances Health, Wellbeing and overall Quality of Life. It brings me great satisfaction to see that I have contributed to people having more fun through movement and knowing that the uniqueness of the Ageless Grace program supports both physical and cognitive health on a whole new level that is natural and organic rather than clinical and routine.

When I am not working on my Ageless Grace business you will find me lifting weights, dancing and doing cartwheels/ handstands to my favorite music I take pride in my own self-care by participating in meditation, bushwalking, reading for personal development and playing with my pet budgie!

I am enjoying taking regular breaks to spend quality time with my friends and family to maintain a balanced lifestyle and I enjoy going on holidays both local and international as part of an amazing Travel Club that I have been part of since June 2016 – Fun, Freedom and Fulfilment!


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Call Angelina on 0400 826 776 to ask about classes

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