Bev Grace

Ageless Grace Educator

Bev has a background in movement, dance and education. She facilitates creative movement classes in Adelaide with a focus on body mind connections.

She practices Remedial Massage (RMT) and Movement Based Somatic Therapy (MBST) at Clarity Wellness.  Over the course of 30 years Bev has been doing workshops and trainings that focus on movement and personal development. She has worked on a cruise ship as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, teaching yoga and pilaties.

Bev’s interest in the connections between health, body, mind and movement; and living with ageing parents, has played a major role in the choices and directions that have brought her to Ageless Grace. She enjoys motivating others to find playfulness and joyful exploration through moving, dancing and singing.  Bev is happiest when she is moving, connecting and expressing herself through movement and helping others do the same.

“In movement and music, I can lose myself and find myself, and each time I learn something new about myself, this happens when I have the freedom to be expressive”.

Ageless Grace offers me a safe platform to facilitate all that I feel passionate about, music, movement and self-expression. It fully embraces my body-mind connection philosophy.

Contact Bev, to arrange ways that your community can enjoy the benefits of Ageless Grace.

PHONE: 0402 573 738 or EMAIL:


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Please call 0402 573 738 for information

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  • Hi Bev , I am keen to increase my fitness currently yoga & walking the dog. Are you located and only ?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Catherine, I am sorry not to have replied earlier. I only just saw the comment on the website.

      I will forward your details to Bev for her reply. Her email is if you would like to contact her.

      Kind regards
      Sue Silcox


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