Cathrine Dinnie

Ageless Grace Educator

I am a new Ageless Grace Educator based around Strathpine, QLD. I came to know about the program through a Remedial Massage Therapy client who also happened to be an Ageless Grace Educator herself! She invited me to a free class and I fell in love with it straight away. It was so much fun, and I hadn’t laughed so hard for a long time. There are many benefits to the Ageless Grace Brain and Body Fitness program but those that really grab my attention are;

  • Exercise in a chair
  • Challenging to the brain
  • Fun, laughter and Imagination
  • Fabulous music to sing along to

Many exercise programs for the elderly are run by a resident in a retirement village who does the best they can with what they have – a space, interested people, chairs, a TV and a DVD player. And there is a place for that. An Ageless Grace Educator can come to your designated space at minimal cost, bringing their 21 Tools/Exercises and music with them. The exercises and the music are not always the same, so it doesn’t ever get boring! All the village/centre needs to supply are – a space, interested people and some chairs. On top of that, the first class is FREE, so everyone can check it out without losing out.

My teaching style is caring, respectful and thankful that there are so many fascinating stories to hear in one hour! Once I get to know you, my silly sense of humour will come out to play!

I am from Adelaide originally, which is where I met my husband Alan who was in the Army. We moved about a bit along with our children. So, we’ve lived in Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Brisbane. The only international travel has been to New Zealand on holiday! I started out as a clarinet/flute teacher then moved into helping blind children to play music using braille. I was the person who transcribed print music into braille music. I truly loved it! But moving around meant I couldn’t stick with it. Now I am a Remedial Massage Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor and an Ageless Grace Educator. A whole new world of compassion and fun rolled into one. My eldest son Lyle works with his Dad in our blind and curtain cleaning business (left the Army after 24 years) and my youngest son Iain is living in Townsville as an Army Civil Engineer. I am going to be a Grandma in November and very soon there is to be a wedding as well, so it will be a very busy year!

In my spare time I enjoy cooking with my Thermomix, going to the occasional cooking class with my friend Margaret, and learning how to sew quilts with my other best friend Jane. I enjoy going to the movies and eating chocolate or ice-cream! Reading to catch some quiet time is precious to me along with meditation outside, listening to the birds in the garden.

I’d love to meet you all in an Ageless Grace class! At the moment only one class is about to begin, however, I am sure another will follow so long as all your friends can come too! See you soon.



 Day  Time  Place
Wednesday 10am 365 Fitness, Kensington Village Shopping Centre, 8 Sovereign Ave Bray Par
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