Gerrie Zenoni

Ageless Grace Educator

Ageless Grace® Educators - Gerrie and Sue

My name is gerrie zenoni and I’m super passionate about everyone staying as  healthy as possible for as long as possible, both in brain and body….. my classes are full of fun and laughter and we are always surprised at how much we move our bodies throughout the one hour session

Ageless grace is fantastic to do in a class environment as we all feed off  of, and laugh with each other, however it is equally effective if practiced 10 mins each day, every day to music that you love….. it is not choreographed so for those out there who may be a little uncoordinated, you will fit right in……I love to choose pleasure over pain every single time and invite my students to do this throughout class by listening to their bodies and taking notice of how certain movements feel to them personally, always being mindful of any restrictions they are feeling on the day, after all….. we each know are Bodies better than anyone else on the planet

We tap into the brain body connection by moving in playful ways,  opening up old nueral pathways whilst also creating new ones by moving in ways we maybe have never moved before

Students agree they walk out of class feeling they have more of a spark in their brains

I also believe  good nutrition is another important key to achieving the best from life and as such am a very active and busy THERMOMIX consultant…….I feel very blessed to be helping make changes to peoples lives through both movement based and nutrition based education

Hear are some comments from my students

Ellen……it’s easy, it’s good…. and it’s for all ages

Heather…… it because we all have so much fan

Maureen……not only are we getting the benefit of exercise, we also create amazing friends.

Gerrie Zenoni
Independent Thermomix Consultant
Mobile: 0433167203


 Location  Day  Time  Cost
 Encircle Neighbourhood Centre,
865 Gympie Rd, Lawnton
 Wednesday  9:00am- 10:00am $8
 Salvation Army Church
27-29 Lawnton Pocket Rd
 Wednesday  1:00pm- 2:00pm  $7

Option to stay for a cuppa afterwards is always invited

Please call 0433 167 203 to confirm

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