Grace Bell

Ageless Grace Educator

I firmly believe the old saying “use it or lose it”.  Ageless Grace uses 21 simple fun and easy exercises using different body parts. The exercises may seem simple, even silly on the surface but they are based on neuroplasticity which keeps our brain and body active.  

The first time I tried Ageless Grace I felt yes this is for me, it made me smile, I felt my body parts working.  I knew you needed physical activity plus exposing the brain to new ways of doing things to generate new neurons and new neural pathways, and I definitely wanted my brain to stay active in my latter years.  The added bonus to me is the exercises are done to great songs, which most people know and often sing along to.  The exercises are done seated; this is to make the brain figure out how to do certain exercises differently which fires the neural pathways, so it has nothing to do with being old and feeble.  Seated also works the core and also makes it a level playing field for sporty versus non sporty people.

I love seeing happy faces which I often see at my Ageless Grace classes.  The exercises fire memories and gets people animated, talking and laughing which is fantastic to see.  I have often had people comment on my excellent music for my classes and that they have had fun.

My other interests are Nia dancing of which I take classes locally, I live in Hunua, South Auckland, New Zealand.  I do dōTerra Aroma Touch Technique (essential oil massage) using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, Reiki, Tai Chi, Laughter Yoga and relaxation massage; I love all types of dancing and music and am always on the lookout for new music for my Ageless Grace classes.

I am very approachable and am happy to do demonstrations, my contact details are or 027 2589782.

I certified as an Ageless Grace Educator in October 2015 and started taking Ageless Grace classes in May 2016.  At the moment I take a weekly Ageless Grace class in a Papakura rest home and also take classes at a cardio club at Howick and Papakura.


 Location  Day  Time  Cost
 Selwyn Oaks Village, Papakura Monday 9.30am Private
Howick & District Cardiac Support Group,
47 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park, Auckland
2nd Thursday of month 11am  Subscription
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