Jane Creasey

Ageless Grace Educator

Compassionate, caring and with a ready smile, Jane is a trained accountant who has switched her focus from numbers to people. Sharing her values of good health and well being through Ageless Grace. Her passions in life are muffins (her signature dish being lime and coconut), music, movement and she loves to have fun.Well-travelled, she appreciates global diversity of culture, religion and cuisine which enables her to connect with others.Jane lives her life with plenty of enthusiasm, energy and vitality, which are the very values she offers to participants in her class.

Try this – sit on a chair, draw a square in the air with your right hand, a triangle with your left foot and a circle with your left hand all at the same time. It is not something you would do regularly but it is the type of challenge your brain thrives on and it’s fun at the same time.

Maybe you would like to walk easily up and down flights of stairs without losing breath or remember where you left your car keys last?

If any of the above has grabbed your interest then you will be keen to hear that the Ageless Grace® classes run at the local Community Centres listed below can help address these issues. This mind, body exercise class is designed to use all 5 areas of your brain and also target many areas of ageing within our body. The program is for all levels of fitness, is done to uplifting music from a chair and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Bookings are essential and many of the centres offer a “come and try” class.

Here are some comments from participants at the classes:

“Plenty of movement – arms, legs, feet, toes, knees, head and also gives the brain a workout all at once”-Valerie

“I have found the class very enjoyable, uplifting and a good brain exercise with a great enthusiastic instructor” -Lois

“A not to be missed class! Sounds simple and “too easy” on chairs but this is NOT so. Count the benefit of mobility, bounding upstairs, lifting feet to put socks and shoes on, fingers without pain etc. The best experience with almost overnight results, I love it!” -Nola


 Location  Day  Time
Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre Monday  10am-1o:45am
Ashburton Community Centre      Thursday  10am-10:45am
Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre  Friday  10am-10:45am
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