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Ageless Grace Educator

Hi! and thanks for visiting my page!

I love Ageless Grace for Brain Health, because its fun, easy and gets results!

Attending classes can offer great potential to benefit your health.

Some benefits include improved memory, balance, strength and flexibility.

By including just 10 minutes a day at home, results are even more beneficial.

The founder of Ageless Grace, Denise Medved has spent years of research on health & aging and continues to launch this programme worldwide.

She recently presented to Professors at Harvard University on exercise, the brain, health and ageing.  Also you can find her Ted X talk here: https://www.youtube.com/user/denisemedved

So what is Ageless Grace for Brain Health?

Ageless Grace is a group of 21 ‘tools’ or simple exercises, based on everyday movements connecting to the mind-body, thereby improving biological functioning.

About me?

I’m passionate about sharing the fun and benefits of the Ageless Grace tools.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Opera and Musical Theatre from the Victorian College of Arts, and trained at the Melbourne Howard Fine Acting Studio.  I’ve performed professionally in Film, TV and Theatre performances, including voice over work.

I’ve been a certified Ageless Grace Teacher for 4 years and have taught in Community centres, Library and the Choices Cancer Support Centre in Brisbane as a fill in teacher.

Since relocating recently to the Sunshine Coast, I’m now available for group classes, 1:1 classes, and demonstrations as well as tailor made presentations & workshops on topics such as balance, breath, and well being.

Relevant Current Qualifications & Insurances/Membership

Cert IV in Training & Assessment, Box Hill TAFE

CPR & First Aid Certificate from St Johns Ambulance

IICT membership

Currently studying at the online Neuroscience Academy with Dr Sarah Mackay

Classes are great for all ages from kindergarten to retirees, carers, or anyone who’d like a boost, a laugh or simply connecting with others in their community.  Great option: book for a party activity!  Regular classes have ongoing benefits for brain health, cognition, memory, flexibility and balance.

Available for purchase:

Ageless Grace Manual, DVD & Flash cards

Feel free to contact me at accessjaya3@gmail.com for a class near you on the Sunshine Coast or agelessgrace.com.au

“It’s never too late to begin & never too early to start!”


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