Kathryn Bose

Ageless Grace Educator

I did the educators training in September 2016 and use it in my physiotherapy work with people who have suffered a brain injury. I had heard about Ageless Grace at a movement workshop and thought it would be a great thing to do.

For me, the best thing about Ageless Grace® is that we all have so much fun and laugh a lot. People really come alive as they use their imagination to create and feel the settings and stories they are moving in.

It brings so many benefits. It is non-threatening because it is seated exercise so insecurities around body image and co-ordination are diminished. Using your own sense memories to create movement by remembering past skills like swimming is powerful rejuvenation for the brain. Laughing with a group of people regularly is good for our whole being. Not to mention you get a good workout kicking, swimming and generally moving in a chair.

The key difference between Ageless Grace® and other programs, I believe, is the way the mind is used to stimulate moving e.g. writing and drawing with your body parts or doing things you loved to do when young. Moving the body while imagining really brings the senses alive, which leaves you feeling younger. Because I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner my classes emphasise sensing your body, so you move with utmost ease and pleasure.

I grew up in Sydney where I did my physio training after high school. I then moved to the country to be close to my family farm. People who follow their passion, make a livelihood out of sharing it and generate a tribe around them inspire me. Moshe Feldenkrais and Ekhart Tolle both inspire me and help me make decisions about my life. People used to tell me I looked like Julie Andrews! Maybe then, not now.

I have recently been in India on an Ayurvedic healing retreat where I wrote this! I was privileged to live in Asia for 10 years while rearing my children and need a dose of the community life of Asia to keep me going in our individualistic culture. I like to be around people with practical skills who are tuned into nature to learn their way of being, hence my love of Asian village life.

I am passionate about enhancing the quality the lives of human beings I encounter; being civilized has distracted us from nature and our true selves. I go for those less privileged in our world. I love thermal pools and do aquatic massage therapy in the bore bath at Pilliga where I have a B n B for all to enjoy the magic of the inland stars and healing waters. I join with the Gomeroi to protect the Pilliga from CSG. My greatest wish would be to wave a magic wand and wake people up to the problems our lifestyle is causing for our grandchildren. I once won a kit for growing a garden with kids from the Organic Garden club door prize. How suitable is that!

My children are my proudest achievement; they are all contributing to the evolution of a sustainable life. My happiest memories are being with them as children, exploring Little Creek in my forest.

I work as part of a wonderful team who support people getting back into life after a brain injury. I travel out west to provide physio where there has been none for years. I am so lucky in my job!
For anyone starting out or for people who ask for my advice I tell them “Be present by sensing your body in each moment, it will guide you, ground you and bring comfort as you trust”.


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