Kristen Forster

Ageless Grace Educator

I have always enjoyed music and movement. When I was young I choreographed dances with friends. We thought we could dance as well as the regulars on ‘Young Talent Time’. I have always danced. I have been a bush dancer, a disco dancer, an African dancer, a belly dancer, a kundalini, five rhythms and trance dancer.  I have even been a Morris dancer but don’t hold that against me, so my love is dancing. African drumming, marimba and guitar have allowed me to immerse myself in music and join others to create melody, rhythm and song. Six years ago I came across Nia dance and have become addicted, attending classes regularly ever since. Two years ago, through Nia, I was introduced to Ageless Grace.

I had muscular skeletal and lower back issues for some time. Nia helped but I needed something that was easy to do that would relieve stiffness, help with flexibility and ease of movement every day. After attending my initial Ageless Grace teacher training I embarked on the 21-day challenge (10 min Ageless Grace a day for 21 days). The results were amazing. I moved through my days with less pain and improved comfort and ease. Last year I had the honour of meeting and hanging out with Ageless Grace founder Denise Medved and was inspired even more to delve deeper into this practice and start classes.  

I work part time as a Community Development Worker in the area of Healthy Ageing. Through this work I know that being physically, mentally and socially active has a positive impact on ageing. Ageless Grace is a great vehicle for these 3 activities.

In Ageless Grace I get to meld my love of music and dance, my interest in healthy ageing and my skills as a teacher / trainer (I taught beginners African drumming and facilitate a variety of training in my work) and my love of having fun.

I have been running weekly classes in Brunswick Heads since July 2016. My classes are relaxed and fun. Class students are between 40 and 90 years of age and attend for varying reasons.  For most it is the brain body connection, neuroplasticity, that keeps them coming.  Results include improved physical and mental capabilities attributed to the Ageless Grace practice.  Some students just want to keep their body moving and other exercise classes are too physical, boring or require them to stand when they can’t or are not confident to.  For some it is concern about their memory that has brought them to the class.

I know that there is a great need for Ageless Grace as a promoter of lifelong comfort and ease that contributes to healthy ageing.  I am excited to be teaching and sharing this practice with others.

Phone: 0266801914 or 0497008277

Email me at:

Cost: $5

Location: Brunswick Heads CWA Hall (Northern NSW)
End of Booyun Street (behind primary school)


 Day  Time  Cost
 Thursday 12pm – 1pm $5
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