Lynn Lucas

Ageless Grace Educator

My name is Lynn Lucas and I live in Jacobs Well, Queensland Australia.  After suffering a few health issues myself, which left me unable to do strenuous physical exercise, I was looking for something that I could do to move my body and not aggravate my conditions. I found Ageless Grace.    

Practicing this for several months now, for just 10 minutes a day, has had a profound affect on my energy levels and on my general self-esteem, flexibility and overall well-being.  I can exercise and feel well again regardless of my health conditions.  I have a keen interest in alternative, complimentary health practices, and Ageless Grace fits in well with my other interests, as well as being supported by mainstream health practices.   I really enjoy spending time and having fun with people of all ages, from young children right through to our wise ones. Helping others live their best life, whatever that means for them, is my purpose in life.  Ageless Grace helps me to do that.

Ageless Grace provides a daily movement and brain exercise program which most can participate in.  Being seated makes this a safe exercise option, given the participants mobility and health status.  When exercises are performed sitting, core muscles are engaged, new neural pathways are formed, as the participants work out how to do things in a seated position instead of standing up, perform movements from memory and/or association. Ageless Grace can be practiced by any age group, providing they can sit in a chair, follow directions, have fun and a few laughs as well.  Participants are encouraged and advised to only do what they can do safely.

I provide one to one or group classes in the Gold Coast and Logan areas of South East Queensland. My teaching style is enthusiastic and fun. I aim for my classes to be an enjoyable and positive experience for all who attend.


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