Vicki Doolan

Ageless Grace Educator

Hi I’m Vicki and I stumbled across Ageless Grace 18 months ago the same way I stumble across most things – on Facebook. I get curious, I go looking and sometimes I waste hours. But this time I scored a winner.

This time I have found something to add to my repertoire that gives me joy, pleasure and satisfaction. The results I have seen from our classes are nothing short of amazing.

I work together with my partner, Stuart Lomax, and apart from private classes at our home we have run classes for the past 12 months at an aged care facility where around 50% of our group suffer with dementia. On many occasions I have seen people who appear to be ‘sleeping’ their life away suddenly connect with us through a song or a memory.

We recently did a presentation for around 50 National Seniors and the morning was filled with laughter. One of the Ageless Grace tools is called ‘Saving Face’ where we work the facial muscles and this definitely has everyone giggling. Between you and I, I always make Stuart lead this tool because it’s better that he looks a little ridiculous and not me (shh, that’s our secret).

When I’m not holding Ageless Grace classes, I’m a Qualified Natural Juice Therapist. Only one of two in Australia I’m proud to say. I love to educate people and show them how easy it is to increase their energy levels and feel fabulous EVERY day.

Laughter is medicine, Juice is medicine, Play is medicine, Exercise is medicine. We don’t need a prescription for any of these.


 Day  Time  Location  Cost
Tuesday 9.45am Chevallum $5
 Monday 10.15am Regis Aged Care, Sippy Downs Private
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