Vicki Doolan

Ageless Grace Educator & Trainer

Hi I’m Vicki and I stumbled across Ageless Grace by accident in 2014. I was looking for something that could supplement my income while I was studying to be a Juice Therapist. I didn’t realise Ageless Grace would completely change my path in life.

This program not only gives me personal joy, pleasure and satisfaction but I have met amazing people, helped make their days brighter and happier and the results I have seen from our classes are amazing.

I work together with my partner, Stuart Lomax, running classes at our own residence and also at several Aged Care Facilities. We have had the pleasure of facilitating classes in secure dementia units with people who are unable to converse verbally but can still belt out a familiar tune. Staff have even thanked us for the joy we bring to the lives of their residents.

Becoming an Ageless Grace educator has led me to further studies in ageing and dementia. I became a trainer for Ageless Grace in 2017 and I am now a Dementia Communication Specialist and also specialise in teaching about Essential Oils for the Third Age.

It could be said that supporting the ageing process in the best ways possible is now my passion.


 Day  Time  Location  Cost
Wednesday 9.00am Chevallum $10.00
 Wednesday 10.30am Chevallum $10.00
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