Vicki Howell

Ageless Grace Educator

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s was the news given to my husband and partner in life recently. That news was the catalyst that led me to train as an Ageless Grace Educator. I knew about the program and had always intended to train at some point. Ironically I really had a reason to fast track the process completing training in July 2016. We began practicing at home where I witnessed first hand the very positive and lasting responses we were getting. I was inspired to share what I learned and get this out into the wider community. People need to know about this! I have 2 classes running that the public are welcome to join.

Ageless Grace is a movement activity program done seated that is body/brain centered. Organic, playful and fun, you will find yourself singing along to glorious, uplifting music from a by gone era that is sure to delight. AG consists of 21 simple anti-ageing techniques that engage the Body plus 5 Major functions of the Brain. Making it a unique and natural way to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Carefully designed, Ageless Grace aims to evoke a sense of pleasure, comfort and ease while you move and is suited to most ages and abilities. Based on the cutting edge science of Neuroplasticity, regular participation in Ageless Grace can deliver many benefits. Just a few to mention are:

Joint Mobility & Stability Spinal Flexibility Balance
Cardio Conditioning Strength Multi Skilling
Co-Ordination Cognitive Function Kinesthetic Learning
Fun & Playfulness Self-Esteem Socialisation

It is wonderful to notice how enthusiastic, imaginative and spontaneous people become. There is singing and laughter vibrating through every class. It’s a pleasure to witness and it’s infectious! After, participants often say “WOW, that was better than I expected!” Don’t think because we are seated its boring or lame, oh no. My teaching style is encouraging and imaginative, I like to keep it light hearted and fun, keep you motivated, interested and inspired to MOVE.

From the age of four, dance of all kinds have featured in my life. You could say “It’s in my blood. ” Not a day goes by with out dance. In 2007 I graduated from The Nia Technique White Belt, and have been teaching this heart felt program for nine years. In that time qualifying with Green and Blue Belt plus Nia 5 Stages of Healing. Nia blends joyous East meets West modalities in a dance & movement class like no other. Continuing education drives me. I have studied in Anatomy, Nutrition and Reiki Energy Healing. When I am not twirling, dancing or doing the twist in a chair, I love reading. I adore books of all kinds, love music, nature and photographing nature.

Having lived and travelled in other countries, I believe we are blessed to call Australia home. Our standard of living is exceptional compared to some. I find it truly inspirational how people rise above adversity to strive for better things for themselves and their families. If I possessed a super-human power it would have to achieve helpful outcomes, like eradicating brain dis-ease! My mission? To Move, Nourish & Inspire others in natural ways that encourage better choices for personal health and wellbeing.


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