Ageless Grace® Playbook


The Ageless Grace® Playbook provides a wealth of information, not only on how to use the tools, but also how to bring Ageless Grace® into your life.


This 78-page, book will help you understand why and how the 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease™ work to activate the five areas of the brain and address the 21 primary physical ageing factors of the body in only 10 minutes of practice per day.

It is clear, concise, and gives the reader ideas to personally practice these playful, creative, spontaneous and FUN exercises for the brain and body in order to create the on-going development of neuroplasticity for lifelong, youthful functionality.

This playbook will help you build up your practise of Ageless Grace® using your creativity and imagination. Educators can use it to help them develop Workshops and classes around a theme.

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