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Offering Solutions for an Ageing Population

The world is ageing. We are living longer. But are we living better? In my personal quest to live my best life until I die, I have explored the many options of ageing well, I've come across several of the ailments common to living longer and I'm happy to say there are solutions. Our three key areas to ageing gracefully are brain health, nutrition, and movement. We offer solutions to all three. Whether you are young at heart and want to stay that way, feeling the effects of physical or cognitive decline, or caring for someone who has already succumbed to brain health issues such as dementia, our programs can help.


Ageless Grace® - a brain health seated exercise program suited to all ages and any level of physical and cognitive ability. 

Ageless Grace® is a fun, simple health & fitness program.  It can be done seated, standing or even lying down.  The 21 simple exercises based on the science of neuroplasticity work all parts of the body and brain to help develop, maintain or regenerate our functionality.

Anyone can enjoy the body and brain benefits that Ageless Grace brings with its simple, fun, playful exercises. 

Hazel - Ageless Grace.jpg

Brain Breaks for Kids


All children need exercise but not all children are confident with sports. Let's level the playing field. 4EverFit4Kidz can be done in the classroom while seated. EVERY child can participate and feel great doing it. 

And when the kids are getting restless and just need a short brain break, this is your answer. 

We want all children to have the opportunity and receive the benefit of movement no matter what their ability is. That's why we created a one-day teacher training program. A simple 10 minute break can settle your class and increase productivity.

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Are you ready to take the journey with me?

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