Activate Your Brain
Using all five areas of the brain, our program improves your mental & physical health
Revive Your Body
Moving to music, we address the ageing factors to regenerate your functionality
Improve Your Balance
Exercising seated, we work the entire core of your body and vestibular system

Senior Fitness for Your Body & Brain

Ageing is a reality that many of us may fear or dread as we worry about losing the abilities that once came naturally to us.  As we grow old, we want to hold on to our natural abilities of being able to move freely and think clearly.  ‘Senior Fitness for your Body and Brain’

The Ageless Grace program has been designed to help with your mental and physical health in your senior years.

Simple, Fun & Playful Exercise for Seniors

The Ageless Grace program consists of a range of moves based on the science of neuroplasticity that activates all 5 functions of the brain – analytical, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall, creativity and imagination.  Performed to music, all movements are based on everyday actions that are natural and organic, and focus on prolonging the functionality of the body and mind.

More About Ageless Grace

At Ageless Grace, we help you maintain or regenerate your functionality in your later years by working out all parts of the body and brain.  Just some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Better reaction to change
  • Increased cognitive ability
  • Improved balance
  • Sense of community through exercising with others
  • Boosting energy
  • Joints and spine benefits

Gerontology expert Denise Medved created the Ageless Grace program that consists of 21 simple exercises.  Each of the 21 exercises is simple to do and has a creative name that is easy to remember.  These moves can be done in a class or at home; on a chair, down on the floor, standing or even in bed, and can be performed by those recovering from injury or disease. They are suitable for most people regardless of most physical conditions.

Feeling your body move to music will lift your spirits and emotions while helping you regain your strength, flexibility and mobility.

How Ageless Grace Improves Both Brain & Body Health

The 21 Ageless Grace exercises are designed to address joint mobility, upper body strength, systemic movement, multiskilling, stability in ligaments and joints, flexibility, balance, ability to respond, react and recover, develop more muscle mass or bone density, coordination, personal expression, emotional expression, social interaction and self esteem.

Most often, we assume that we have to train our body and our brain separately, however by working the different functions of the brain whilst exercising we are able to stimulate neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

Neural pathways go from the brain to various parts of the body. By doing something physically, the brain takes notice and creates a pathway. When we stop doing this physical activity the pathway shuts down, however it is still present in the body.  The Ageless Grace program helps you to reopen closed pathways and maintain existing ones.  For example, by re-enacting an activity such as riding a bike or going swimming, you can reopen the neural pathways created when we were young.

As the body ages, we often assume we can no longer do things, however this is not necessarily the case.  If we think that we can’t do something, we stop doing it and therefore lose the ability to do it.  However, we still have the neural pathway, and simply need to reopen it.  Ageless Grace empowers participants by re-instilling their confidence in their own physical abilities.

Visit a class near you to find out more about how the program may benefit you.

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